SARU to Jeju

With spring and summer classes completed, I decided to enroll in a short program discussing Korean reunification. For the remainder of the summer, I’m staying on Jeju Island and studying for the LSAT!… Read More SARU to Jeju


North Korea: Part II

“It was really difficult to be accepting while I was in the DPRK primarily because of the way Westerner’s are geared to be skeptical of the North due to its secretive nature and media representation. I’m not saying I abandoned all skepticism but for the most part I tried to remain objective. Understanding the DPRKs perspective was the entire purpose of my trip.”… Read More North Korea: Part II


Ewha Woman’s University   Before anyone jumps to any conclusions, let me first defend myself.   The ISEP network (the program I applied with) only has a select number of AACSB schools on their list of globally accredited institutions. In order to take any business courses while abroad – at least ones I wanted to… Read More Ewha