Longmen Grottoes

A few weeks ago I took a train from Beijing to Luoyang to see some Buddhist art. Beautiful place!… Read More Longmen Grottoes


North Korea: The Real Elephant in the Room

…by establishing a rough timeline of recent events and assessing the capacity of the DPRK it will be simpler to take a more pragmatic approach towards any useful discussion about it. This post will briefly address the merit and potential blowback of strategies global actors are pursuing to quell the persistent behavior of the DPRK. … Read More North Korea: The Real Elephant in the Room

North Korea: Part II

“It was really difficult to be accepting while I was in the DPRK primarily because of the way Westerner’s are geared to be skeptical of the North due to its secretive nature and media representation. I’m not saying I abandoned all skepticism but for the most part I tried to remain objective. Understanding the DPRKs perspective was the entire purpose of my trip.”… Read More North Korea: Part II